You don’t have to do anything to become more than you are… to become more important, more valuable, more special. In fact you can’t do anything to increase your value as a person, as an individual. Why?

God created you! What is more amazing than that? You were no accident, no surprise, no fluke. While your size in this universe may seem insignificant, your lifespan compared to eternity a mere vapor, God made you on purpose. THE God who created all that exists, put you on this planet for a reason. He hand-crafted you with a specific plan in mind. All God wants is your heart and your devotion. He wants to become your consuming passion, your driving force. To be ALL you live for.

He died for that reason. Your sin, which is not unique, but common to the entire human race, is wiped away by Jesus’ sacrifice so that nothing will stand in the way of having a personal, unique relationship with Him. God values you so much, that He gave the most precious gift imaginable. Just. For. You.

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