I have created an RSS feed which allows you to read through the NASB translation of the Bible in a year. The Lockman Foundation has graciously given me permission to publish this project for all to use.

So, without further adieu, here is the RSS link for your free use.

You can use a browser like Firefox to read the RSS feed, or you can use a separate feed reader to read through the Bible. A free online reader is feedly.

NOTE: Clicking the orange icon up above in your browser will not take you to the correct feed, it will take you to the main feed for this website. To subscribe, click the link above where it says, “here is the RSS link for your free use”, and then you will be able to subscribe to it. Or you can copy and paste that link into a feed reader of your choice as well.

If you find any formatting errors (headings out of place, blockquotes that aren’t indented, etc.), please let me know so that I can fix them. Likewise, if the feed ever stops working, send me a reminder.

You may also be interested in a slower progression through the text of the Bible, as I write my thoughts about each passage I read.

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11 thoughts on “NASB

  1. Call me silly, but I can’t find the RSS feed. After all of the excitement, and long note I read, I realize when I click on that orange thing at the top of my new IE browser that says “feeds,” like I have been doing in times past, on this site it brings me to Glass Panes that Separate, not the NASB in 1 year. If you do get this message, is there any way of emailing me and letting me know how to get to that particular RSS fee, the one where you can read the NASB Bible in 1 year?? I know we are all so busy, but I would really love to find this RSS feed you did; I’m just not figuring out where to get to it from to save it to my feeds. I’m so sorry to bother you sir. God bless you. -Tina of Reno, Nevada. And thank you, in advance, for being a servant of the almighty God!

  2. Awesome! Praise the Lord. Of course, #1) all glory to God. However, #2) I want to thank you also! It is people like you that have, will, and do make the difference in billions of people’s lives, and help them in establishing a deaper relationship with God through the REMA of His Word, and learning more about who He is by reading His Word. By opening it up to them in ways like this, there is probably someone, I’m sure way more than that, like me, who did not have an RSS feed to go through the Bible in a year, and did not even know about it. Now I do, and now I do. My goal is to make it through the whole Bible. I know some books of the Bible like the palm of my hand, while others I still have not even read. Maybe using this site you created, I will, God willing make it all the way through His Word to understand Him better, to teach and disciple better, to have a Holier and closer walk with Christ. Keep up the good work in Christ brother. -Tina from Reno, Nevada.

  3. If you click where it says, “here is the RSS link for your free use”, it will take you to the actual feed, and then you can click ‘Subscribe to this feed’.
    Hope that helps.

  4. Thank you for taking my comment:
    I would like to know what RSS stands for.
    I would also like to know how I can order the “OPEN BIBLE”
    I can’t find any thing at the local Bible Book Store.
    Even a phone number that I can call to talk with a real person! Thank you.

    Lois Dicus
    1301 Jennifer Street
    Prescott, AZ 86301
    (928) 771-9379

  5. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s like subscribing to a newspaper or magazine, except with RSS, you don’t get a physical product, you get electronic content delivered to your browser (or whatever you use to subscribe). In this particular case, you get a passage of the Bible each day, so that you can read through the whole Bible in a year. As for buying a copy of the Open Bible, it is available on, I can’t help you much more than that.

  6. I was listening to Dr Charles Stanley, when I heard the commercial for NASB website. I was blown away by the Amp Version!! Then I seen this site, Wow! So I want to read the Bible in a year, but its in Psalms , so does this mean I have to wait until January to begin at the beginning? I hope not, as I have just became a follower of God. I’m really excited about it, and want to learn more. Can you PLEASE help me? I’m 47 and a truck driver. I don’t have access to the usual stuff, like stores, I have my radio and my phone to hear the
    Gospel. I feel really alive for the first time and eager to get started. Please advise me. And Thank You All for making the Word accessible by radio and online!! BLESS You

    1. You are correct, it does mean you would have to wait until January to start from the beginning. That said, Psalms is a good book to start with also. If you want to just read regular passages, you can try per a tip from a reader. Also, if you have an ipod or android phone, you can download Youversion, or visit, that might get you closer to what you’re looking for. I use it all the time on my ipod, but I’ve never used the reading plans before.

  7. Thank you–cubed! I too had been looking for the same thing for the sidebar of a couple of WordPress blogs (non-theological)–I thought I had found it at; the syndicated content showed the NASB (or KJV or whatever you choose) but when clicked through, brought you to the content from the NIV! Aargh! That the NIV is the most-read Bible is not encouraging.

    (Now I’d like to find one for the Geneva with modern spelling–though I think the NASB will scare off fewer of my blog readers. At any rate I have physical copies of the NASB and Geneva for myself when the grid goes down =D ).

    Thanks again and GOD bless,

    1. What this page is providing is a way to read it in the course of a year. If you want more general information about the NASB translation, is probably your best resource.

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