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WordPress – it runs this blog, and over 30% of the Internet. I use it for my job, because it is so flexible, and has an amazing community and ecosystem. Looking to start your own website? Most web hosts have a one-click install, or you can try it free at

EWWW Image Optimizer – The plugin I created (forked from CW Image Optimizer) to optimize all your images in WordPress. It’s the best image optimization plugin out there, and I work hard to keep it that way. There are tens of thousands of other plugins for WordPress, amazing stuff, check it out.

There are many excellent distributions of Linux out there, and these are the ones I use:
Ubuntu – simple, lightweight install, with all the coolness of Debian.
Not quite ready to take the plunge into the world of linux? There are several alternatives, actually. You can try out a linux live CD. The Ubuntu install CD is an excellent one.
Debian – the foundation upon which Ubuntu was built, and the version that I run on nearly all my servers, because it is rock solid and stable.

If you really insist on running windows, or just want stuff that works without a lot of hassle (or money), give some of these a whirl:
Audacity – a stellar audio editing program with all the bells and whistles.
The Gimp – a top notch graphic editor for all your photo-editing needs.
Libre Office – Think MS Office is too expensive? You’re absolutely right, because this one is free, and just as functional.

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